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Kempfer Cattle Company is a diversified cattle operation running approximately 2500 mother cows with a focus on producing beef. The business operates using multiple separate cattle herds, each tailored to meet the needs of their environment and thus, producing beef to feed the world.
Brahman Cattle
The first herd consists of purebred Brahman cattle, honoring the Kempfer Family's strong historial roots to the Brahman breed.  The Kempfer Brahman herd is one that is known for their efficiency, production, and beef industry characteristics. Females are selected first for production and fertility. Individual record keeping combined with good nutrition and herd health have helped the Kempfer's achieve outstanding success.The Kempfer cow herd is one that consists of moderate framed, muscular females with growth and doability. The Kempfer herd is also known for their gentle disposition and emphasis on carcass quality. "Everything in moderation" has been the key to the herd's success. Bull and females from this program are sold to fellow cattleman as high quality seedstock, either to be used by fellow purebred producers or as herd sires in a commercial program. Steer calves from this program are fed in feedyards where carcass data is collected to provide more data for the herd.
Commercial Cattle
The bulk of the KCC cattle program consists of commercial cattle, separated into three separate commercial herds, but all with Brahman influence to fit the environment: Brahman, Angus, Shorthorn, Charolais, Brangus.

Cattle from the commercial program are selected for high reproductive efficiency. Crossbred cows are bred as yearlings and calve as coming two-year-olds. First-calf heifers are bred to a low birthweight Angus bull.

KCC bred bull "Hang Em High", (owned by Silver Spurs) runs at the 2015 NFR!
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